Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Flesh & Buns

Flesh & Buns is an Asian restaurant that opened at the start of this year. It’s tucked away in a noisy basement in Covent Garden and it’s definitely a lot of fun! My friends and I decided to head there one weekday evening and it didn't disappoint. 

To start we had a selection of sushi, fried squid and chicken yakitori. Our main course was of course the restaurant’s namesake - buns! We shared the Crispy Duck Leg with sour plum soy and beetroot pickle, and the chicken with carrot pickle and spicy citrus miso. They were served with soft, pillowy rice-flour buns and salad so we could create our own little burgers. I’d never tried anything quite like this before but they were really good! Now all of the deserts on the menu looked fantastic, but we chose to go for the S’mores complete with marshmallows, biscuits, green tea chocolate and our very own little Japanese table top brazier. I think half the enjoyment was assembling our s’mores and needless to say they were delicious!

Overall I really enjoyed the meal. I would say that it’s a tad bit overpriced, but it’s good food and a very lively environment that's perfect for dinner with friends or colleagues after work. If you’re looking for a quieter or more romantic dinner setting then I’d steer clear, although Flesh & Buns is a whole lotta fun!

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