Thursday, 2 October 2014

Double Masking

A quick Google search indicated that the term ‘double masking’ does not exist in the beauty world, ergo I have just coined it! Moving on, double masking has been something that I’ve been doing for the last few months now and I personally feel it’s the best way to utilise face masks and get the best results.

Essentially, I just use two masks – one straight after the other. The reason this works a treat is because no mask does it all. No mask can really intensely hydrated whilst chemically exfoliating your skin or immensely brighten whilst drawing out impurities. All masks do different things and I have learned to work with that fact. I do think that us skincare junkies sometimes underestimate how drying a clay or exfoliating mask can be to our skin and as we age the hyaluronic acid levels in our skin are gradually diminished, hence why this technique works so well.

Now in my opinion, there are four types of face masks: hydrating masks, exfoliating masks containing AHAs, clarifying clay masks and vitamin-C laden brightening masks. What I’ve been doing religiously in recent months is whacking on either an exfoliating, clay or brightening mask and then following up with a hydrating mask straight after. I like to do this in the evening, and I find that the next day my skin is so clear and bright but also feels very supple and nourished.

Of course you will need a little extra patience, but skincare requires commitment!

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