Monday, 18 August 2014

An Ode To Laura Mercier Body & Bath

It occurred to me last night, whilst I was slathering on the most deliciously scented body butter I own, that I ought to write an ode to Laura Mercier’s Body & Bath range. That body butter was of course from Laura Mercier – the almond coconut milk body crème to be precise – as is my favourite hand cream and my favourite bath salts, ipso facto, it deserves a shout out!

I have a bit of a thing for the almond coconut milk range, but to be honest they all smell amazing. The pistachio scent is divine, the fig scent is so refreshing and the crème brulee range would be perfect for my sweet-toothed ladies (and gents) out there. The texture of the body crème is gorgeous – it's light but still so hydrating, and the scent lingers on the skin all day long. I don’t use my Laura Mercier body crème as my everyday body butter, since they are rather pricey, but I save them for those special days. The bath salts also smell heavenly and will transform your bathroom into an oasis of calm and decadence.

Now the hand creams are the item that I think everyone should have in their handbag. My Laura Mercier hand crème isn’t the most moisturising I own, but it still does a great job and it smells beyond incredible, which is why this is the only hand crème that ever goes into my hand bag. The scent lingers for so long and I always get compliments from friends about how scrumptious it smells.  

If I had to pick my favourite products that I think are worth the investment, I’d choose the body crèmes and the hand creams. My favourite scents have to be the almond coconut milk, ambre vanille and that delish creme de pistache. I also adore the glass jar packaging and I usually up-cycle them in some way once they’re empty. Anything from this range would make a great present and if you're ever stuck for gift ideas you cannot go wrong with this! Check out the full range at Harrods here.

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