Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Alexa Chung X Nails Inc

Alexa Chung is honestly one of my favourite people ever. She’s an absolute babe - so charismatic, effortlessly witty and I could honestly watch interviews of her all day long. Alexa has collaborated with Nails Inc to create the fabric collection that launches later this month. It consists of six gorgeous shades inspired by different fabrics, textures and innovative effects in newly designed bottles. I personally quite liked the look of the old rounded bottles, but these ones are larger so you’ll get more bang for your buck. They retail at £15 each and customers will get a sneak peak ahead of the official launch as Nails Inc have already pre-launched the first nail polish in the collection – Red Lace - in its original bottle on their website here. I’ve got four of the six nail polishes below but here’s the low down on them all:

Alexa Sequins in Black & Gold – I have a thing for black and gold so I absolutely love this shade. It contains fine matte black particles and bold gold metallic glitters giving an incredible sequin dress effect. I managed to get it completely opaque in two coats so this one’s a winner. It's very similar to Deborah Lippman's Cleopatra In New York but it's more opaque I'd say. 

Alexa Camouflage – A mix of green and nude metallic and matte particles to create a camouflage effect. I also managed to get this opaque in two coats. 

Alexa Leather in Black – This matte black leather polish is one of Alexa’s all time favourite Nails Inc shades, so they’ve dedicated this best-selling polish to her. Alexa says ‘I’d wear it with a Breton t-shirt for an edgier look.’

Alexa Lace in Red – This is another beautiful shade that consists of red matte particles in different sizes that create a delicate lace effect, especially when applied over a nude polish.

Alexa Cashmere in Mink – This polish contains mink shades of matte polish and pure glass pearls to create a subtle sheen and cashmere texture. In Alexa’s words: ‘I love cashmere, it’s so luxurious. My favourite feeling is pulling on a cashmere sweater.’

Alexa Silk in Black – A rich shade of black with fine pearl running through the polish like silk.

I adore the entire collection – Alexa’s done a fantastic job in creating a comprehensive variety of shades and there’s most definitely something for everyone. I’ll be creating different manicure looks with all of these shades so make sure you’re following The Beauty Boardroom on Bloglovin, Twitter and Instagram, so you don’t miss out – Links are in the sidebar! Let me know which shade is your favourite.

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