Monday, 14 July 2014

Congratulations Liz Earle!

Liz Earle recently celebrated receiving 100 awards for their infamous Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser so I thought there was no better time for a review. Creamy cleansers are the best in my opinion, as they don’t strip the skin but still remove all of the daily grime. This one from Liz Earle is second to none and always makes my skin feel so smooth and refreshed after each use.

First I start by massaging this cleanser gently onto dry skin. It smells quite strongly of rosemary and eucalyptus oil so if you don’t like that kind of scent, then this isn’t for you. I personally quite like it as it feels sort of aromatherapeutic! The eucalyptus oil purifies the skin, the rosemary tones, the chamomile soothes and the cocoa butter softens. I then use one of the Liz Earle muslin clothes to remove the cleanser and any make up and I find that it really lifts away any dead skin cells, leaving my skin so soft and radiant. I love using this in the morning as I feel it’s a great start to the day and really triggers circulation. The ingredients are also fantastic as it’s all natural and doesn't contain any nasties.

I’d really recommend this product for any skin type or age. You cannot go wrong with this cleanser – after all, it didn’t win 100 awards for nothing..!

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