Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Bumble & Bumble Prêt-à-Powder

This product really has become one of my summer essentials. I’ve got a number of different dry shampoos on my dressing table all in spray form, but this Prêt-à-Powder has just surpassed them all as my favourite. As it says on the bottle, it’s a dry shampoo, style extender and volumizer all in one. At first I thought, will it really be able to deliver on all of those things, but I’m pleased to report back that it does indeed!

The main reason I use it is to act as a dry shampoo and add volume to second or third day hair. It’s an ultra-fine, translucent powder made of clay and oat flour that cleanse the hair and absorb any excess oil. Considering that my hair is quite dark I was initially concerned it would leave traces of white on my roots, but it’s got a pretty invisible finish. It will also leave your locks smelling gorgeous, as do most Bumble & Bumble products. It contains microfine silica that adheres to strands and creates volume and grip. It can extend the life of a blow dry and is also apparently great for creating textured ponytails and updos, although I haven’t tried that.  

This product has honestly become a hair holy grail for me. It does a fantastic job as a dry shampoo and volumizer all in one. Before discovering this, I’d use a dry shampoo and then a separate volumizing/texturizing product, but now that I’ve found Prêt-à-Powder there’s no looking back…

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