Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Latest In Beauty Strikes Again!

Is it obvious that I adore Latest In Beauty? They're back with a slightly different kind of box, but nonetheless a brilliant one at that! As an avid gym bunny and health supplement-addict, I was really looking forward to receiving The Hip & Healthy Beauty Discovery Box in the post. As with all of their boxes, they contain a plethora of new items to try at a low price of £9.95 (worth over £50).

Upon tearing open the packaging the first thing I immediately went for is something that's thirst-quenching like no other - coconut water. Due to it's high electrolyte content, coconut water is very hydrating and this Jax Coco 100% Coconut Water was absolutely delicious! It also comes in a sleek glass bottle, that I've actually been reusing since it's much better to drink water out of a glass bottle rather than plastic (I'll save that tidbit for another post!). The second item I went for was the Bounce Natural Energy Coconut & Macadamia Ball - I love that these are all natural and although not everyone will like the taste, what was great is that I found that after eating one of these high protein snacks, it kept me going for a very long time before I was hungry again. The last food item was the Rude Health Ultimate Granola. Most of the granola available at our local supermarkets all contain added salt or refined sugar, however this one does not, and is naturally sweetened with honey and date syrup. I ate this with some low fat yoghurt and a drizzle of honey, and honestly, it was scrumptious! 

I've also become a matcha tea convert after trying this Teapigs Matcha Green Tea - it contains 70 times the antioxidants of orange juice, raises energy for 4-6 hours and is equivalent to 10-15 cups of regular green tea. This box also contains a few supplements: Aduna Baobab PowderOrganic Super Blend satchet and Together Health Multi Vitamins

The three skincare items in the box include the Balance Me Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm, which I've previously oded about here, the Nourish Golden Glow Face Shimmer and Neom Organic Hand Cream. I absolutely love the face shimmer as it's totally organic and contains finely milled golden mineral powders that really give the skin a gorgeous natural-looking radiance. I've been mixing a drop of this with moisturiser and I'm hooked! Finally the box comes with a Virgin Active One Day Pass to kickstart the annual resolution of joining the gym! 

Latest In Beauty never fail to impress me with their boxes and this one is no exception. It's a great mix of skincare products, supplements and healthy snacks. Since receiving this box I've picked up the full size of the Matcha Green Tea and Bounce Energy Balls from Waitrose! 

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