Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Kim Kardashian's Pure Honey EDP

I was recently sent the Kim Kardashian Pure Honey Eau de Parfum to review and I’ve got to admit – I was skeptical. Somehow anything endorsed by Kim Kardashian makes me subliminally form an opinion, even if I haven’t given the product a whirl. This perfume actually pleasantly surprised me and was nicer than I’d originally expected it to be.

The packaging firstly is quite nice, apart from the questionable golden bee on the front of the bottle, which I’d prefer not to be there. The perfume itself has top notes of red rose and soft freesia combined with honey and topped with coconut, vanilla and musk for a very warm and sensual finish. When it’s first spritzed, the floral notes come through a lot more than the honey and overtime I found the scent that remained was more of a sweet honey scent. It wears quite nicely and is actually very long lasting! It’s definitely a very sweet fragrance, and even though I love sweet fragrances, I do prefer those that also have a warm spicy note to them that balances out the sweet and adds a more grown up feel to the scent. I think this would be lovely for someone a little younger than myself that is all about the sweet scents, and like the rest of the world, is completely in awe of all things Kardashian! This fragrance released at the end of last year and is available from Debenhams starting from £23.

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