Monday, 10 February 2014

Tommyguns Haircare

Tommyguns is a brand that I’ve seen at Waitrose a few times but never really tried anything from. I’ve got rather dry and damaged hair thanks to all of the highlights and hairstyling, so any haircare product that promises to deliver a boost of moisture and hydration always catches my eye. I thought I’d give this range a go and I’m really glad that I did! The four products below as well as the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (review here) have really transformed my hair from dry and lacklustre to silky and hydrated. They've given me results that I've never actually experienced before and I am so pleased with the entire range.

The Blueberry & Ginseng Shampoo smells absolutely incredible - a bit like fizzy blueberry sweets! It contains blueberry extract for vitality, shine and bounce, as well as ginseng to add strength and thickness! The Blueberry, Ginseng & Honey Conditioner contains honey for added thickness and moisture, apricot kernel oil and shea butter. 

I use the Colour Save Intensive Masque straight after conditioning my hair and leave it in for around five minutes. It is very thick in texture which I like and really helps to protect the hair colour as well as deeply nourishing the hair. The aprical kernel oil, almond and wheat provide rich conditioning and damage repair. The babassu provides protection and nourishment. Finally I apply the Weather Protect Due Drops Serum on damp towel-dried hair; I take a pea-sized amount and smooth it through the lengths of my hair. The way this product works is incredible as I find that once my hair is completely dry it feels like silk. The vitamin E moisturizes and protects the hair whilst the jojoba oil adds a tonne of shine!

I love the entire range but the star products for me have to be the mask and the serum. I've been using all four products religiously alongside the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and together I feel like they've really improved the texture of my hair - I'm so pleased! 

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