Monday, 9 December 2013

NUDE Perfect Cleansing Oil Dupe?

I've raved about the NUDE Perfect Cleansing Oil in my skincare routine here and several other times. It's earned its place as one of my holy grails and I honestly never thought I'd find something that compares but Una Brennan has proven me wrong!

The Super Facialist By Una Brennan Skin Renew Cleansing Oil that's part of the Vitamin C+ Brightening range has become one of my staple cleansing oils and I've been alternating between this one and the NUDE oil. They're both oils that dissolve face and eye make up, and turn into a milk on contact with water. 

So how does the Una Brennan oil compare? I found that it took slightly more time to work into the skin and dissolve the eye make up. I trialled it on a day where I had about three coats of mascara on and it did all come off but not as quickly as with the NUDE oil. The ingredients of both the cleansing oils are both quite similar with sunflower seed oil taking the lead, although the NUDE oil has a lot less ingredients which I almost prefer because I love the simplicity of it! I'd also love if they changed the packaging because there's no pump and tipping out oil onto your hand does lead to a lot of wastage - I've overcome this problem by keeping a pipette beside my cleanser in the bathroom! Despite these small issues, I do find that this cleansing oil brightens my skin quite a bit after use due to the high vitamin C content and I've been loving using this in the morning to give my skin a fresh start!

Considering the NUDE oil is £28 for 100ml and the Una Brennan oil is £10.99 for 200ml this budget buy is a strong contender and a great dupe of the NUDE oil. It works equally as effectively (but requires more work) for about a fifth of the price if we take volume into account. I find that it helps brighten my face so much in the morning so I will definitely be repurchasing it!

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