Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Two-Product Glowing Skin!

So the idea for this post came to me at 5am post-Halloween celebrations whilst mildly inebriated. I was just way too exhausted for my usual 100-step bedtime skincare routine. However, as a Caroline Hirons-devotee I would never skimp on my cleansing routine. That would literally be blasphemous and whenever I've gone to bed in the past without removing make up I wake up with major pangs of guilt. Therefore, even in my intoxicated state, I followed my usual cleansing routine (Bioderma and NUDE Cleansing Oil). 

To moisturize before bed I normally use an eye cream, a serum, a moisturiser, a lip balm, a neck cream, and not to mention the toning action that precedes that! In my very drowsy state that night, I whittled down my moisturising routine to two products. They are fantastic multi-taskers and I woke up with the most luminous and radiant skin.

What were they you ask? Hydraluron and argan oil.

Now here's the thing - Hydraluron is my go-to bedtime serum and there is no way I could miss this step because it gives my dry skin that kick of hyaluronic acid and moisture that it needs. I applied this all over my face as a serum, an eye cream and a lip balm, basically negating the need for those other products. 

I finished with argan oil all over the face, lips and down the neck. It contains so much vitamin E and fatty acids that I woke up with a plump complexion and serious pillow lips!

Now even though I am one of those girls with a very complex moisturising routine, I've been turning to these two products on those lazy days where I'm too tired to spend five minutes gently patting on eye cream with my ring finger and would rather just slap it all on! For anyone that's also new to skincare and doesn't want to spend a small fortune on skincare (because we all know that it isn't cheap sometimes) this would be a great little routine! For my oily skin ladies out there, don't be put off by argan oil just because it's an oil - it's been proven that actually using oils can help balance the oil production of your skin making you less oily so give it a go!

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