Friday, 2 August 2013

Let's Get Lippy!

I think it's safe to say that I am obsessed with adore lip balm. I just cannot get enough. Plus, I'm easily seduced by pretty packaging (whoops!). Here are some lip balms that I'm loving: 

Non-Tinted Lip Balms:

1. Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm - This really is lovely! It's so nourishing on the lips and smells like honey. I would prefer if the packaging was different but regardless, I've been through 2 of these and I'm on my 3rd tub!

2. Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips - Well, Vaseline is just a classic isn't it? I don't really like the smell of the original Vaseline, but this one is enriched with rose and almond oil, and smells delish!

3. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment - These are fantastic as they're nourishing, smell like candy and have SPF 15 so perfect for Summer days! (Full rave here)

4. Eve Lom Kiss Mix - This one is very nourishing and has that minty flavour that makes your lips tingle. I personally don't like the feeling of tingly lips so this lip balm doesn't get much love from me, but if you are a fan then you'll enjoy using this one.

5. Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment - This is my go-to bedtime lip balm. It contains hyaluronic acid and essential oils that make this uber hydrating and nourishing. If you want to wake up to luscious lips then I'd really recommend this one! It is £18 a pop, so it depends on your budget. (Full review here)

Tinted Lip Balms:

1. Topshop Polish in Rhubarb (discontinued) - This is lovely as it glides onto the lips so smoothly and leaves a glossy tint. I also like that it has a little mirror inside making it that much easier to apply when you're on the go! 

2. Lush A Million Kisses Lip Tint - This lip tint is really pigmented. I've used it a lot and I've barely made a dent in it! It's also very nourishing on the lips and you could pair this with a lip gloss for extra shine. The only thing I'd change is the packaging, because it can be quite messy to dip your fingers into it when you're on the go! 

3. Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Raplumzel - This smells heavenly! It's also really nourishing and leaves a lovely glossy tint. It's very build-able too, so you can either leave it as a sheer gloss or apply a few extra coats and make it more opaque.  

4. Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment - This smells like sour candy, applies nicely, keeps your lips nourished, contains SPF 15, and applies a very sheer wash of colour over the lips. I love that it's in a tube and it's a great handbag product. (Full rave here)

5. Revon Lip Butter in Macaroon - Some people may class this as a lipstick but it is called a 'lip butter' so that's why I've included it in this post! I've been showing this product a lot of love recently! It gives a lovely wash of colour and is still so moisturizing on the lips. 

What's your favourite lip balm?

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