Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Brand Focus: Smooch Cosmetics

Smooch Cosmetics is a relatively new brand on the market. I immediately thought the brand name was adorable, as is the outer packaging of the products above.

The packaging of the actual products I'm in two minds about. I absolutely adore the packaging of the eyeshadow and the blush, purely because it's very similar to the Nars packaging, and so it feels lovely and is really sleek and compact. The packaging of the lipsticks however, I disliked. I found the patterns on the lipstick bordering on tacky, and it doesn't seem sturdy enough, i.e. if I shake the tube in my hand, I can hear the lipstick wobbling inside. Packaging is of course the least important aspect, so let's now look at the quality of the products.

The two lipstick shades I was sent were Devils Darling and Merlot. Devils Darling is a gorgeous matte crimson colour that applies super creamy and super pigmented. The colour is actually very similar to Ruby Woo by Mac, except it isn't as drying on the lips. Could this be the new and improved Ruby Woo? Merlot is a rich raspberry shade that's a little glossier and also has little specks of shimmer running through it. It's a beautiful colour that is still very pigmented despite being glossier and a tad sheerer than Devils Darling.

I was sent a lip pencil in the shade Nearly Naked which is described as a berry shade. I found it a lot lighter than the usual berry shade, but I must say that I'm very impressed with these lip pencils. The pigmentation is fantastic, they're very waxy which ensures easy and smooth application onto the lips, and the staying power is great. I'll definitely be trying out the red lip pencil. 

Swatches L-R: Nearly Naked lip pencil, Devils Darling lipstick, Merlot lipstick

The blusher is in the shade Peachy. On the right there's a slighter darker peachy-pink shade, and on the left there's a lighter shade. The darker shade is very pigmented and swatches nicely, however the lighter shade was very difficult to swatch and wasn't pigmented at all. This is still a great blusher, but I think they should change the formulation of the lighter shade. I also dislike the crinkled pattern on the blush because although it looks pretty in the pan, it makes it more difficult to swirl your brush in it. 

Finally, this eyeshadow duo called Seattle contains a mink shimmer and mushroom shade. The eyeshadows are very creamy and pigmented. They blend well on application, although there is a bit of fall out with these ones. This eyeshadow duo makes a great item to travel with as you could create a lovely smokey eye with this and the packaging is ultra sleek as mentioned previously. 

Swatches L-R: Peaches lighter shade, Peaches darker shade, Seattle eyeshadow duo

So there you have it - my thoughts on Smooch Cosmetics. I'd highly recommend the lipsticks and lip liners. If they can improve the packaging of the lipsticks and the formulation of the blusher they'd be onto a winner! 

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