Thursday, 11 July 2013

Squeaky Clean

If you're familiar with the skincare guru Caroline Hirons, you'll already understand the importance of a double-cleanse in the evening - I triple-cleanse. 

After a day of wearing a full face of makeup, and traveling on the London Underground during the rush hour with several people pressed up against you, a triple-cleanse is definitely in order. Here are the three steps I take to ensure that every scrap of the day's dirt, make up and excess oil have been removed from my face:

Step 1
Bioderma Sensibio H2O - This was the very first of the micellar waters created with several dupes hitting drugstores at the moment. It is alcohol-free and perfect for those with sensitive skin prone to redness. I pour some onto a cotton pad and wipe away all of my make up. It dissolves make up really well although some stubborn waterproof mascaras prove to be a little harder to take off, so for that reason we need step 2!

Step 2
NUDE Perfect Cleansing Oil - This product is fantastic. I first tried this as a sample from my local Space NK, and after one use recognized how incredible this is. Oils tend to scare people, but actually the ability this product has to dissolve make up, even waterproof mascara, is unrivaled by anything else in my opinion. I could just use this one product instead of both this and Bioderma, but I fear that using oil to take off all my foundation plus the eye make up would equal one big sloppy mess, so I prefer to take it off in two separate steps, and that way I get a more thorough cleanse. The NUDE oil is completely natural with no nasties (parabens, etc) and is therefore great for those with sensitive skin. It is a little on the pricey side, but it's a high quality product. I apply 2 to 3 pumps onto my face and around the eyes, before adding warm water to form a light milk that rinses off. 

Step 3
Good Things Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser - One of the pearls of wisdom that I've gained from reading Caroline Hiron's blog is that foaming cleansers make the skin too alkaline and create a breeding ground for bacteria - in other words we need to be using a cleansing milk, balm or gel but nothing that foams. So I set off on my quest down Oxford Street in the search of anything that fit the CH criteria. The big brands for cleansing balms tend to be Eve Lom, Emma Hardie and Balance Me. I discovered that the Eve Lom balm contains mineral oils (so that's a big fat HELL NO), some people found that the Emma Hardie balm irritated their skin due to the vast number of essential oils in the mix, and the Balance Me balm...well, I just wasn't able to get hold of that at the time. To my delight, I stumbled across the Good Things creamy cleanser in Boots and never looked back. It ticked all the boxes; non-foaming, suitable for sensitive skin, free from parabens, mineral oils, animal ingredients and sodium laureth sulphate (major score) and to top things off it's only £4.99! I apply this cleanser and massage it into my skin for a whole minute to loosen dirt, make up and excess oil. I then remove it with a flannel soaked in warm water, and I must say that it is the most refreshing feeling. I will most certainly be checking out other products from this brand since it promises to be all natural and I usually pay a lot more for products that are rather similar to this.

So there you have it - my evening cleansing routine. In the morning I'll just use the Good Things creamy cleanser with a wet flannel and I'm good to go.

What are your favourite cleansing products?

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PS - Apologies for the tad hyperbolic nature of this post - I'm just really into skincare.

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